Empowering Lives Through Therapeutic Horsemanship & Equine-Related Services

Discover the transformative power of therapeutic horsemanship and equine-related services at Mounted Eagles, Inc. Nestled in the heart of SE Brainerd, MN. Mounted Eagles is a distinguished PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center. We have been dedicated to providing these services to individuals who face debilitating life challenges since our establishment in 1992.

Mounted Eagles purpose is to enhance the wellbeing of humankind by providing therapeutic horsemanship and educational equine-related services to individuals experiencing physical, mental, social and/or emotional challenges.

What’s new around here?

Experiencing the Ride

Some of our volunteers got to experience the adventure of riding some of our program horses last week. It’s not […]

There’s a New Paint on the Farm!

Welcome to Mounted Eagles, Gunner! We hope you are happy being with us. Gunner joined us on Monday, May 13th, […]

There’s a New Mini on the Farm!

Welcome to Mounted Eagles, Leo (formerly known as Jingles)! We hope you are happy being with us. Leo joined us […]

Welcome To A Couple of “Purry Friends”!

Be sure to give a welcome pat to Gilligan and Skipper when you’re at the barn. They are two of […]

2024 Pizza Sale – A Great Success!

Our 2024 Giovanni’s Frozen Pizza Sale was another huge success!! Total sales 1,429 pizzas! Top Individual Seller – Kelsey W. […]

Dentist Day!

Yes! Even horses have to go to the dentist, or rather, the dentist has to come to them. Benji, Boone, […]

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