Welcome Benji & Ed !

Mounted Eagles welcomes two new horses into our equine family. Benji and Ed will be working their way into helping our riders reach their goals, have fun and learn how to ride.

Benji arrived at the barn in late February and is a 16 year old Paint gelding who came from a farm located near Eau Claire Wi. His beautiful white and brown coat make him very pleasing to look at. He has a great personality and loves to follow people all over the arena. He’s going to be a great addition to our horse family and the program participants are going to love him a lot!

Early March welcomed Ed, a 16-19 year old Appaloosa gelding who is owned by Aggie Stroot. Aggie has leased Ed to the program in hopes that he will be able to bring happiness to the participants and they in turn can help him live a happy life. He is a cute little guy who is Bay colored (dark brown body with black legs, mane and tale). He has a very sweet personality and trusts his human friends very much. Ed has some visual issues and sees things a little blurry so he will need some extra time to get used to everything in the arena and his new surroundings. Our participants who might experience the same challenge will understand totally when Ed has to stop and figure things out during a lesson. We will all be watching out with and for him. Ed will be with us for a 90-day trial period and if he adjusts to the environment of the program well, he will be staying permanently.