A Parent’s Testimonial – Appreciation

“My name is Jennifer Karas. My son Jude, is a rider with the Mounted Eagles program in Brainerd, Mn.  Jude is 15 years old, and suffers from the neurological disorder Tourette’s syndrome, and many debilitating comorbid’s including Severe Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and Depression. Jude struggles every single day with painful tics, crippling OCD, and continuous Anxiety. BUT…. being with the horses has been an absolute Godsend for him. The affect the horses have on him is profound. It is literally the only time in his daily life that he is almost completely tic free! Riding has increased Jude’s focus, confidence, and courage. He has a connection with his horse that is unique and special. He always looks forward to his scheduled times when he gets to ride and spend time amongst the horses. I am so grateful for this program. I feel like it has given my son a sense of “normalcy” back to his life, and joy that is beyond measure. Mounted Eagles truly cares for all of the riders in this program and their families. It has impacted our lives in all the best ways possible.”
Thank you to all who support Lakes Area United Way making their support for Mounted Eagles possible.  This testimonial is from a parent whose son could not receive the benefits he does from participating in the Mounted Eagles program without the support of Lakes Area United Way.