2023 Volunteers of the Year!

On Nov 1st, 2023, we celebrated our volunteers at the Annual Volunteer Appreciation and Awards Banquet.  We are so blessed to have great dedicated volunteers who give of their time to help Mounted Eagles live out our Mission.  Our volunteers donated over 5,015 hours to the program during 2023.

THANK YOU just doesn’t say enough!  We love our volunteers and are indebted to them greatly!

The following awards were presented:

Courtney Gunderson

Courtney Gunderson

Volunteer Assistant of the Year

Kari Baillif

New Volunteer of the Year

Bria Lanners

Youth Volunteer of the Year

Gladys Behymer

Adult Volunteer of the Year

Lise Lunde

* Beyond the Jacket Award

* The Beyond the Jacket Award is given to those Volunteers who have been with the program an extended period of time and who have received all of the Volunteer Incentives outlined by the program.  The top award being a Winter Jacket, thus “Beyond the Jacket”.  Thanks to Lise Lunde for her continued service to our program.