Mounted Eagles

Therapeutic Horsemanship for Persons with Disabilities

Introducing the Mounted Eagles Therapeutic Horsemanship Gift Catalog!

Have a hard time deciding or suggesting to somewhat what to give that special person in your family as a gift for Birthday, Valentine’s Day, or a Special Accomplishment? Browse the catalog and check out the many gifts you can purchase in the name of a rider, a volunteer, a family member, a friend or neighbor or a co-worker

Anyone who loves horses The horses at Mounted Eagles will benefit from all gifts. Following the purchase of your gifts you will receive a colorful certificate indicating the recipient and item purchased for you to present to them. On the day(s) that your gift is given to the horses a thank you will be posted on our Facebook page recognizing the recipient and, if possible, a picture. Imagine the delight when your special rider, volunteer, your friends or family sees their name on Facebook letting people know how much the ME horses are truly loved.

Winter Catalog items are available thru March 31st, 2021

Thank you for your gifts and your support.