Dentist Day!

Yes! Even horses have to go to the dentist, or rather, the dentist has to come to them.

Benji, Boone, Ed, Jay, Lily, Lacey and Milo all had a visit from several dentists on April 4th. Dr. Mallory Hames, Jolee, her Vet Tech, and 3 3rd year Vet students from the University of Minnesota came to the barn and did complete dental check ups on all of them.

Starts with a pre-exam to make sure temps and heart rates are all in order and everything is ok to proceed.

Next, it’s getting them a little sleepy so they can put the large specula into the mouth to hold their mouths open. Looking at all the teeth, feeling around for sharp points, loose teeth or broken ones. Once that exam is done, comes the filing of the teeth to smooth everything out.

After that it’s another check to see how everything feels and then they get all that yucky tartar cleaned off their teeth. Sound familiar!

Last is the final rinse and time to wake up.

It’s an amazing process to watch and we are grateful to have professionals who are willing to care for our horses in all ways, from head to toe and everywhere in between.

Thank you Dr. Mallory and Crew!