And the Love Goes On and On…….

I would first like to thank you for allowing Jennifer and me the opportunity to tell you about our experience with Mounted Eagles.

Over the past 25 years, that we have been involved with Mounted Eagles, I have witnessed nothing short of miracles. I have personally seen riders that couldn’t ride independently, that do ride independently now. Riders that were wheelchair bound that are walking. A rider removing his gloves to touch the horse and let the horse feed from his hand when previously this wasn’t possible. I recently witnessed a rider that could not sit up straight on the horse that now sits up straight.

I have seen many smiles and high 5’s, and watched self-esteem soar. This has been paramount in Jennifer’s life. Jenny has expressed to me many times about how much she has learned from all of the different horses she has been blessed to ride and instructors and “helpers” she has worked with over the years. Her physical strength has increased and this allows for easier ambulation, especially after her lessons. She is able to sit straight on her horse and keep her hands and legs still. She has gained control over her horse allowing her to ride independently. Her neurologist has noticed increased muscle strength also. The best thing about her lessons is the ever present smile that NEVER leaves her face. She is grateful to be able to ride and looks forward to each lesson.

At the annual horseshows I have shed many tears witnessing the excitement and improvement of the different riders, including Jenny.
I could write a book about how I feel about Mounted Eagles. But let me sum it up in two words that Jennifer and I agree 100% on; “LOVE and MIRACLES”.

~ Marcia Good and Jennifer Aulie